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Autistic Support Network

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A space for autistic adults to connect and help one another

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This is a place for you, designed to bring together autistic adults to build relationships and share stories, experiences, and ideas so that you can define your life, career, and interests on your own terms. Regardless of your phase of life or location, you are welcome here.

Why You Should Be Here

Imagine a space where you can ask questions and get real answers from people who get it. Where you can find people with similar interests, dreams and fears. Where you can make a friend--or just browse and gain comfort from knowing you aren't alone. 

This is that place. 

This can be what you choose to make of it. The options are endless. Want to start a weekly group talking about ABBA? or country western films? Do it! Want to ask opinions about weighted blankets or headphones? This is the perfect place. You can share information about your artwork, your small business, or a song you wrote. You might make a business connection-or a romantic one. Whether you are officially diagnosed or self-diagnosed, high-masking or unmasked, unemployed or working full-time, community and feeling understood matters. The sky is truly the limit. 

This is a brand-new community, and it will be growing and evolving over time. To protect this space, content is private so people can share and connect in a way they cannot in a public forum. If you are interested in seeing what the community has to offer, join us!

As a member, you get access to:

  • A caring, supportive community of other autistic adults who are exploring what it means to be autistic—including those who are newly diagnosed or self-diagnosed.
  • Peer companions to support you in your journey! This voluntary option is a great way to make a personal connection and ask questions 1:1 to someone who gets it.
  • Structured and unstructured virtual events for you to share and connect with others.
  • The opportunity to easily meet members near you, so you can develop a network of friends in your area.
  • A safe, private community forum where you can post, ask questions, share your story, and be celebrated by other people.
  • Small group chat organized specifically for parents, singles, PDAers, older adults, and more
  • Curated resources including book lists, favorite podcasts, and more.
  • Your very own profile to showcase yourself so you can build one-on-one relationships with others.
  • Opportunity to advertise your business through our Promotions page

With your support, this community will grow and become unstoppable. Be a part of it to help build it from the ground up. If you are able to provide time, talent, or financial support for the site or member events, please share so we can continue this for the long run. 

 We are stronger together.